Pets have the power to transform our lives. Nutrition has the power to transform theirs.

How to get a discount for my pets?

Register up to 2 pets in your profile. Enter the name, breed and age.

Items, recommended for your pets, will be marked in the catalogue with a corner sign picturing a pet.

For the items, recommended for your pets, you will get a special discount!

Blue color of the corner sign means that the discount for this item is available.


Rations calculation

The system will estimate the period covered with the amount of food added to your cart.

The discount for the next order will be available again when 2/3 of this period expires.


Red color of the corner sign means that the item is recommended for your pet but the discount is not available yet.


How to place an order?

Add items from the catalogue to your cart or simply repeat the previous order (the items from the previous order will be added to your cart automatically, and you can delete not wanted items).

You can go to the cart page by clicking the button on the right side panel:

On the cart page you will be able to proceed with the order.



Your order will be delivered by the distributor to your clinic.

In case the total of the order is big enough, you’ll be able to choose the delivery date. You can found this option on the cart page. If the total of your order does not exceed the threshold, then delivery date will be set by the distributor (and in case the date will be changed, you will get an e-mail notification).


How to repeat an order

After proceeding an order, the same set of items will be added to your cart automatically. You can specify the order any moment.



If your Distributor participates in Hill's Bonus Program, you will get bonus points for every order (in the amount of 1/5 of the order total). Extra bonus points for Staff Feeding Program can also obtained under other Hills programs.

Once in 5 months you can use your bonus points as a payment for a bonus order. The option “Use bonus points” becomes available while placing an order if the bonus order is available and collected points are enough to cover the cost of the items added to your cart. Not used bonus points will be saved for the next bonus order.

Information about granted and used bonus points is available in the Bonuses section of your profile.


Additional support

To get more details about Staff Feeding program you can always refer to your Hills veterinary advisor.